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Blat is a Windows (32 & 64 bit) command line utility that sends eMail using SMTP or post to usenet using NNTP.

License to use Blat

The authors of Blat have placed it in the public domain. This means you
can use it free of charge for any purpose you like, with nearly no
conditions being placed on its use by us. The source code is also
available free of charge and under the same conditions as the

You have permission to modify, redistribute, hoard, or even sell Blat in
its executable or source form. If you do sell Blat, though, we'd
appreciate it if you'd provide your own support (and send us a free
copy). We cannot take any support load for Blat (we've got better things
to do).

The only limitation we impose is that Blat not be used to send
unsolicited commercial eMail (UCE). Use of this software to send
unsolicited commercial eMail constitutes an agreement to pay each of the
authors $10,000.

Various bits of the source code are copyright by other
people/organizations. Look in the source code for copyright ownership.

The authors and contributors of the package are not responsible for any
damage or losses that the usage of Blat may cause. We are especially not
responsible for the misuse of the SMTP (or other) mail system.
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