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Command line or batch file
log Blat Log formats & How to get them tim
debug Blat -debug output & decode of all the junk... tim
to-cc-bcc How to use -to -cc & -bcc chip

Other Information
Return/Exit Codes
Return Codes Blat returns codes when it exits. This list came from Toby's page. Toby Korn
How does SMTP work?
SMTP Here's a basic SMTP flow from Blat's perspective. Thanks HowStuffWorks! tim

Command Line
Install How and why to run 'Blat -install' tim
Batch A basic example of sending a message using a batch file with variables. tim
ErrorLevel A quick example of checking the errorlevels Blat exits with tim
ErrorLevel 2 Another example of checking the errorlevels Blat exits with Rick N.
FORinDO An example of using the batch FOR command to send one message to each address (one per line) in a file tim
Batch file notes... a couple of notes about batch files tim
Kix32 Scripting
Kix32 Kix32 Scripting example (using Variables) tim
Perl A Perl example that does not use temp files. tim
Visual Basic
MSAccess_class VB Class for MSAccess Joel Limardo
Telnet How to use the Telnet application to test SMTP communications. tim
stunnel Here is an example stunnel config. Chip

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