miniRelay (by NetVicious)
documentation by Tim Musson
There are 2 parts to the basic window.
  • The Information/Options bar at the top.
    • # sent (on to the next MTA)
    • # waiting (in the queue)
    • Configuration (Pops up the Configuration pannel)
    • DropDown (Drops down the Info/Help/About window)
  • The Activity window.
    • Shows activity with both connecting MUA's (Clients) and other MTA's (Servers) it connects to.
      The Same info with the addition of the Date is put in the Log if selected.
    • You can Right Click to get a Copy / Select All / Clear menu (which mapps to Ctrl+C / Ctrl+A as expected, Ctrl+F9 to clear).
The Language setting is in the Drop Down menu instead of the Configuation Pannels so you can figure out how to set it in any language...


Start miniRelay during Windows login Check this option to put a starter task in the Registry to start miniRelay during Windows login.
(HKCU \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Run)
Close miniRelay after [ ] seconds without being used Close miniRelay [xx] seconds after a message has been sent (note, if you start miniRelay and don't send a message, it will not auto close.) Minimum 15 Seconds, Maximum 9999 Seconds
Cancel if exists a sindow with the text [ ] This is to keep miniRelay open as long as your MUA is open. So, look at the top bar of your MUA, and put the same text you find there in this window to prevent miniRelay from closing until your MUA closes!
Create log file Check this option to create miniRelay.log in the same folder as the .exe.
Max number of lines in log [ ] Number of lines to limit the log to - removes oldest entries.
Maximun number of simultaneous sends [ ] How many messages miniRelay will try to send at the same time
Maximum number of retries [ ] How often to try re-sending a failed message.
Start on System Tray Just like it sounds, start miniRelay to the System Tray.
Minimize to System Tray The button puts miniRelay on the System Tray
Close to System Tray The button puts miniRelay on the System Tray


Allow reception of messages from other computers (IP/NetMask) ... Enter IP/NetMask in format
You will have to restart miniRelay, then the log will show
Listening on (Port 25)
Listening on (Port 25)
Listening on port [ ] The TCP/IP Port to listen (receive mail) on. Default is 25 for SMTP.
DNS Timeout (secs) [ ] When to stop waiting for a DNS response to the MX query.
DNS Servers Autodetect = use DNS settings from Windows.
Set up on the text box below... = list of DNS servers to query
Send Timeout (secs) [ ] How long to try to connect to the MTA pointed to by the DNS MX Record.
Do not return mails Don't return undeliverable messages to the sender.


Remove X-Mailer Header X-Mailer headers identify your MUA (Cilent), and this will remove that header.
Remove headers ... miniRelay will remove other headers too. Enter them one per line, and leave off the :
Add headers ... Add your own lines to the RFC2822 Headers
You should probabily only add "X-String" lines unless you know what you are doing
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