How and why to run 'Blat -install'

Blat does not need to be installed!
All the 'Blat -install' command does is store various parameters in the Windows Regestry!
-install <server addr> <sender's addr> [<try n times> [<port> [<profile> [<username> [<password>]]]]]
Syntax Note: the [] characters indicate optional parameters. However, you may not skip any!
-install   the parameter indicating to Blat that the following are install parms :-)
  <server addr>   SMTP Server DNS name or TCP/IP address
  <sender's addr>   This is the "from" address - usually like tim@blat.tld
[<try n times>   How many times to try to send the message (defaults to 0 )
[<port>   What TCP/IP Port to connect to (defaults to 25/119 )
[<profile>   allows Blat to track multiple sets of settings (use -p to reference)
  [<username>   UserName used for Authentication
  [<password>]]]]]   Password used for Authentication
  [-q]   Tell Blat to be quite when storing install settings in the registry

* may be replaced by '-' to set default, and allow following options
port defaults are SMTP=25, NNTP=119
order of options is specific
use -installNNTP for storing NNTP information

Blat -install Sets the following (& = cumulative with the previous line)
blat -install localhost   server='localhost'
blat -install localhost tim@blat.tld   & from address='tim@blat.tld'
blat -install localhost tim@blat.tld 3   & number of times to send the message = 3
blat -install localhost tim@blat.tld 3 26   & TCP/IP Port to send the mail using = 26
blat -install localhost tim@blat.tld 3 26 FromTim1   & store the settings in a Profiles named : FromTim1
blat -install localhost tim@blat.tld - - FromTim2   use the default number of tries, and Port!